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ABySS 1.2.5 - vu

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What is ABySS ABySS is a de novo sequence assembler that is designed for very short reads. The single-processor version is useful for assembling genomes up to 100 Mbases in size. The parallel version is implemented using MPI and is capable of assembling larger genomes.
What is new in this Version * Release version 1.2.5.

* Fix the colour-space-specific bug causing the error Assertion `seq.length() > (unsigned)opt::overlap' failed.

* Fix the bug causing the error Assertion `fstSol.size() == 1' failed.

* Do not output the @RG header record at the end of the output that gives the median fragment size. It breaks `samtools view -S`. * --no-qname: New option. Set the qname to *.

How to Use ABySS on vu To ensure that the executables ABYSS and ABYSS-P are on your path do
module load abyss/1.2.5

To run ABYSS-P use 'mpirun ABYSS-P ...'

Software Userguide There are man pages for ABYSS, abyss-pe and abyss-tofastq.

Further information can be obtained from the ABySS web site.
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