National Computational Infrastructure
NCI National Facility
Visualisation Laboratory Hardware
Apple G5
Dual processor Mac G5. Our primary video edit machine with Final Cut Pro software.

Dell PC
High-end Windows XP Dual screen graphics machine. Used for driving the in-house VR system and fast rendering of large data sets. The machine is equipped with a very fast disk array for the playback of stereo movies.

Dell PC
Another High-end Windows XP Dual screen graphics machine. This machine has a small internal disk array so that it can be used to play back stereo movies at public venues with the following screen system.

Passive Stereo Screen
2 DLP projectors with polarizing filters and a portable passive stereo capable screen.

Polhemus Motion Tracker
For tracking head movements of viewer in virtual environments.

NEC Data Projector and screen
Prototyping system for realtime stereo VR for VR development and visualization/animation of large data sets.

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