National Computational Infrastructure
NCI National Facility
Visualisation Laboratory Software
Discreet Combustion
2D Visual compositing software

Final Cut Pro
Editing software

Side Effects 'Houdini'
A very powerful suite of modelling, animation and compositing tools. Used for both realtime VR environments, and animating visualization sequences for playback on video. The system has a steep learning curve - ie it doesn't suit the occasional user, but provides expert users with all the functionality needed to produce animation of the highest quality.

Multiscreen/sound/tracking/interactive VR environment.

Pixar's PhotoRealistic Renderman (PRman)
This 3D rendering software provides support for scenes of high complexity, and employs an open procedural interface to material properties through their 'Shader' language. We use in-house shade-ops for doing volume rendering of large data sets with PRman.

This public domain package from the SSEC is a highly interactive 3d fluid flow visualization package. It is targetted at meteorological flow but it is useful for any flow visualization problems.

Miscellaneous SGI development software.
We have a range of s/w for development of visualization applications. This includes Open GL, the Open Inventor toolkit and tools for producing and viewing VRML (virtual reality modelling language) data.

Miscellaneous image manipulation tools
Suitable for preparing imagery for format conversion, web presentation, animation production etc

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