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HPC Courses on the Web
A preliminary list of possible sources of HPC and scientific computing courses follows.

Short courses from iVEC
Slides of some courses from iVEC.There is some material specifically for their systems but also much general information. Look here for a Unix introduction, optimizing parallel applications and data management.

Practical guides from VPAC
A range of tutorials from VPAC. Some of the material refers to specific machines but there is also much general information.Look here for instructions on settting up X forwarding from Windows, using editors and instructions on running several applications.

Software engineering tools
Lectures on basic Unix, creating makefiles, version control etc.

Supercomputing in Plain English
Slides from a series of lectures given by the University of Oklahoma. Skip the first few slides in each topic to get to the subject matter. There are lectures on memory storage, introductory parallelism, what compilers do, etc.

HPC University
A collection of resources for High Performance Computing. To access the on-line courses from the full listing in the drop down menu from resources you will need to register.

Tuning MPI Applications for Peak Performance
Slides and example exercises from the MPI developers.

Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
The Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre provides a variety of on-line training courses for users of high performance computing. Most of these make the course material available for down-loading and they cover topics such as MPI, OpenMP, HPF (High Performance Fortran) as well as more general topics in aspects of high performance computing.

Parallel Programming Workshop from the University of Stuttgart
On-line courses and course material for a variety of HPC topics.

Computing Services Dept of the University of Liverpool
On-line courses on High Performance Fortran (HPF).

Designing and Building Parallel Programs
Designing and Building Parallel Programs by Ian Foster is an on-line book on general parallel programming issues as well as discussions of HPF, C++, Fortran M and MPI.

Internet Parallel Computing Archive

OpenMP home page.


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