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Application Form for Resource on the NCI National Facility

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ANU Applications deadline was 9:00am AEDT on 02/12/2013.
It is not possible to submit an application after the closing date.

NCMAS Applications deadline was 12:00pm AEDT on 08/11/2013.
It is not possible to submit an application after the closing date.

The National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme and Partners have a formal "Share" available to them to allocate. Choose which Scheme or Partner you wish to apply to via the drop-down menu. Alternatively for an almost immediate but very small grant on the system, apply first for a "Startup", which is the first item on the drop down menu. Small start-up grants are available to help researchers evaluate the suitability of the NCI National Facility to their research and to assist in framing applications for substantial grants. Postgraduate students can be connected users on projects with their supervisors as the lead chief investigator.

Only applications from NCI Partners with special arrangements will be provided access to the Data Intensive projects. If you would like to discuss further, please email . Requests for reference datasets is provided on this form and open to researchers of the facility.

For National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme consult NCMAS Criteria for details of the criteria used by the National Computational Merit Allocation Committee in evaluating proposals. Note in particular that all projects will in part be judged on the suitability of the system (hardware and software) and its operational environment to support them.

The NCI requires that project grants be used only for achieving the stated research outcomes of the project. NCI usage is also expected to be efficient in that:

  1. useful computational output will be maximised for the grant awarded through good system utilisation by jobs and
  2. job resource requests will be commensurate with actual job requirements.

The application form loaded from this page must be completed and submitted on-line.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is recommended that you save the form at intermediate stages for later revision or completion to avoid loss of data due to a browser or machine failure. The minimum amount of information which must be provided before the first save is the identity, surname, connection status and role per investigator on the project. All researchers must be pre-registered and cannot be defined on the project application form. This is to prevent multiple identities being created for people associated with more than one new project, or people with existing identities being newly defined. Contact if you are unsure of your existing identity for the NCI National Facility.

For NCMAS and some partner scheme applications chief investigators with a pre-existing identity must update their research track record (authenticated) prior to submission of the form. Chief investigators with a newly registered identity may also need to update their research track record (NOT authenticated).

Use Submit Form when you have finished all editing. You cannot reload the form to edit and submit it again once Submit Form has been selected. If you submit by mistake contact to request your submission to be reversed.

Select the TYPE of PROJECT (Compute or Data) you are applying for: TYPE of PROJECT:
Select the Scheme or Partner to which you wish to apply for resource: Scheme/Partner:
Enter the identifying details of your current startup project, or the project of a previous Save of the partially completed proposal. Leave these items blank to load a completely new form for the first time where there is no related start-up project. Project Code:
Lead Chief Investigator Surname:
The number of researchers associated with your project. NOTE:
  • This is ignored for previously saved projects.
  • Do not repeat the Lead CI name in the list of researchers.
  • For Dataset Hosting projects it is the number of researchers requiring system access to place the data.
Number of Researchers:
THEN load the online application form:

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